• Accepts currency from multiple countries at the same time without having to change validator software

• Multi width note acceptance of up to 85mm

• Note stacking capability

• Cashbox capacity of 500 notes

• Currency list available on request

• 12v

NV10 Innovative Technology

• Industry standard note acceptor widley used in the amusement and vending sectors

• Over 100 different world currencies

• Protocols include; CCTalk, SSP, Pulse, Parallel, Binary, Serial, MDB

• Compact stackerless design

• 12V


• Accepts notes 61 – 82mm Wide

• 12v

• Red Illuminated Runway For Notes

• CCtalk/ SSP/ Pulse/ Parallel

• Stacker design

Vertical and horizontal bezels available

JCM Vega

• Accepts notes 61 – 82mm Wide

• Note Recycler Capabilities

• CC Talk / Parallel